Dryer-Sheets-Background Max-Bottles Now with a plant-based formula and color fading protection See More Take
comfort in long-lasting fresh scents
Naturals-Background Aroma with natural extracts See More Softness you can feel, ingredients you can touch Original-Background Original-Bottles Bottle made with 100% post-consumer recycled materials See More Get a burst of aroma and freshness in every wash! Baby-Background Baby-Bottles Made
with a touch of aloe for gentle skin
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COMING SOON... Ensueño® is expanding
into a new laundry solution!
Level up
laundry day

Take it up a notch
When it comes to Ensueño®, better smelling clothes are just the start. Visit our tips section to discover new uses for your fabric softener that go beyond the basic essentials.
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Discover the Ensueño® difference
Discover the Ensueño®difference
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